02.14.17 MTA Tunnel, 14th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, 4:30pm

Dear Friends,

Love Tunnel is an annual public installation with the objective of creating power and positivity through the appreciation of each other. It is about promoting the innate beauty of kindness and rebellion; it is about freedom, claiming public spaces and creating an ephemeral exchange of participation, surprise and gift.


On February 14th, I will install thousands of photographs showing manifestations of love throughout a long and cold NYC subway tunnel. This will be the fourth year of sharing art with the public on Valentine’s Day, and this year I would like to invite you to share the experience with me. Please, submit a photograph that represents love and I will print it and install it together with pictures from other photographers, artists, friends and strangers. My pictures in the past have included flowers, people kissing, rainbows, hearts, moments of joy, friends and family.


Love Tunnel is truly for the public, with no defined target or goal other than to change someone’s day with an offer of positivity, a message of love. The photographs are a gift to the public, allowing for the idea to disperse into the lives of everyday commuters, often as a complete surprise. The printed image is a token of love and freedom.


If you live in NYC, please join me to install the installation on 02.14.17 at 4.30pm.
MTA Tunnel on 14th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues (from the 1/2/3 to the F/L/M and vice-versa).


Much Love,